Riddick 3 - Matte Paintings

The Ray Team,

The studio has been in overdrive as we are finishing up work on two big features this month. Some really cool, out-of-this-world environments for both!

The Chronicles of Riddick – Dead Man Stalking is the third sequel in this franchise. Not only did we develop and execute nine environment/matte paintings, we also teamed up with Oblique FX to handle some 52 matte painting heavy VFX shots through completion, establishing the look for several key sequences in the film. It was a mighty big project to test our boutique studio concept, and we’re mighty proud of the results.

Stay tuned for more on the second feature (2013) – still under wraps per client directive – a very exciting film project and a chance to form a unique collaboration with another great facility and team of artists.

Raynault VFX is proof that keeping it small doesn’t mean you can’t think big! In fact, just as envisioned, we have found we can adapt more easily and quickly to respond to clients and the frequent surprises that occur with all productions.