Immortals - Matte Paintings

The Ray Team,

While still at Rodeo FX, I completed my work as VFX Supervisor and Art Director on the movie Immortals. What a blast to work for director Tarsem Singh who’s always striving for beautiful and strikingly graphic shots.

My involvement with this project started 3 years ago. As VFX Art Director, I worked closely with the art dept to develop the look of various environments. Similar to the movie 300, Immortals was shot entirely on stage with extensive use of green screen. I had the pleasure to work with Raymond Gieringer and Jack Geist: VFX Supervisor and Producer respectively.

The movie has just been released and I am exceptionally proud of the more then 120 visually spectacular shots we contributed. I was blessed to work with a kick ass VFX team over at Rodeo FX. I miss you all already!