Texture Artistclosed

  • Description
    The Texture Artist participates in the creation of textures, colors, and organic surface qualities needed for the completion of hard-surface models. In collaboration with the CG team, he/she is responsible for the creation of high quality stylized textures for digital assets. The Texture Artist is detail-oriented, has a great eye for scale, color and form, and knows where to acquire good visual references to better guide his/her work. He/she has an excellent knowledge of the VFX pipeline and understands the importance of meeting deadlines while producing work of the highest quality .
    • Under the supervision of the Visual Effects Supervisor, create highly realistic images as part of the model and shading set up.
    • Work closely with environment artists, CG generalists and modelers to ensure that created assets work through the pipeline.
    • Understand and follow outlined naming conventions and file structure.
    • Assist in searching photo references and various inspirations.
    • Present turntables for progress review to supervisors and clients.
    • Stay on schedule and meet set deadlines.
    • Learn new tools and approaches to stay up-to-date with technological developments, therefore contributing to improve the studio’s work processes.
    • Three (3) or more years of experience as a texture artist in the production of feature movies or TV series.
    • A full working knowledge of the following packages: Maya, Mari, Photoshop, and Mudbox or ZBrush.
    • Strong creative skills and a thorough understanding of the techniques required to generate texture images to both interpret designs and accurately match reference material.
    • A strong understanding of image color space relating to texture painting.
    • A very keen eye for detail.
    • Good communication skills with colleagues and the production team.
    • Ability to accurately assess time needed to complete a project.
    • Basic understanding of shading principles and lighting required.
    • Modeling skills and an understanding of rigging techniques is a big plus.