CG Generalist (Mid Level)closed

  • Description
    Exceptionally skilled and multi-dimensional, the CG generalist has a primary strength in one 3D competency, but thrives using multiple tools and techniques across platforms. Our ideal CG generalist is involved in VFX creation with a focus on CG environment work. With broad knowledge covering every step of the VFX pipeline he/she can effectively contribute to asset creation as well as shot work from layout to pre-comp.
    • Involved in asset creation with other members of the team (modeling, shading and textures).
    • Start shot work from “blank page” using camera match move to begin layout process and blocking.
    • On full CG shots, design camera moves as well as layout and technical animation blocking.
    • Generate hard surface animation such as vehicles, spaceships or props.
    • Assist with developing the look of a sequence with Supervisors and Art Director.
    • Proficient in multiple areas of the CG and VFX pipelines and workflows.
    • Complete high-quality work on time and to specification.
    • Creative and proactive in executing and assisting on all shots in a sequence.
    • Develop solutions and techniques that facilitate and accelerate the production.
    • Capacity to make creative decisions and use independent judgment.
    • Work closely with Supervisor to establish and develop tools and processes.
    • Work with Production to prioritize tasks.
    • Proven and demonstrable experience in high-end CG.
    • Ability to adapt and problem solve in a variety of CG Generalist roles.
    • Great understanding of camera projection techniques to assist digital matte painters.
    • Thorough understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
    • Proven and in-depth knowledge of Softimage and/or Maya, Photoshop & Nuke.
    • Knowledge of Clarisse (Isotropix) is a big plus.
    • Knowledge of additional software such as Houdini, Mari, ZBrush, SpeedTree, World machine, VUE Esprit, or PhotoScan will be considered an asset.
    • Quick learner and proactive in picking up proprietary tools.
    • Must be a team player and able to work creatively with Supervisors.
    • Self-motivated and optimistic problem solver; solid time management
    • Good communication skills with colleagues and production team.
    • 1-3 years related experience.