• CG & Pipeline Technical Director open
    The Pipeline Technical Director (TD) contributes to the development and constant improvement of the studio’s CG tools. He/She supports and enhances the infrastructure that facilitates a production’s processes and workflow. The Pipeline TD is responsible for script creation to support production and general troubleshooting. He/She should be able to work efficiently with production, supervisors and artists to determine the various pipeline solutions.
    • Communicate with the artists and supervisors to determine the pipeline needs.
    • Support and develop tools and procedures, which maintain and enhance the pipeline.
    • Design and implement the necessary scripts and tools in 3D packages.
    • Participate in the continuous improvement of the development process.
    • Filter support requests in the database, provide Shotgun support to users, diagnose bugs and other issues experienced by artists in relation to the pipeline, and provide solutions.
    • Participate in the maintenance and setting of Shotgun.
    • Stay up-to-date with technological trends and tools.
    • A minimum of three (3) years of experience in a similar role.
    • Excellent understanding of the pipeline and workflow specific to the visual effects industry.
    • Have Python and PyQt / PySide programming experience; C++ and JavaScript is a plus.
    • Knowledge of at least one of the following: Maya, Blender, or similar scripting APIs.
    • Have experience with Shotgun and Deadline.
    • Knowledge of Production Technology/IT methods, practices, and trends.
    • Ability to troubleshoot and deal with competing priorities and projects.
    • A proactive attitude and great team spirit are essentials.
    • Advanced level of English and woking knowledge in French.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • Junior IT Technician closed
    Part-time to begin with Monday-Friday Mornings. Junior IT Technician will be primarily responsible in helping with tasks around the office, required maintenance hardware and cable management, quickly responding to users support requests and completing documentation. This position is ideal for someone who is looking to learn and work with newer technologies, managing and maintaining a high efficiency network environment while integrating new technologies and unique solutions.
    • Help troubleshoot users hardware and software needs.
    • Install users workstations and working tools.
    • Install and organize hardware and software.
    • Fill in documentation in regards to workstations, hardware and license tracking.
    • Education: DEC Minimum
    • Familiar with Windows Environment (Windows 10, Active directory)
    • Basic Understanding of network workings
    • Comfortable with software installation and updating
    • Comfortable with Linux (Centos 7, 8) is a plus.
    • Working in command line in windows and Linux is also a plus.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • Adjoint(e) en Ressources humaines closed
    RAYNAULT VFX est à la recherche d’un(e) adjoint(e) en RH pour aider à gérer sa croissance. L’adjoint (e) RH, qui travaillera en étroite collaboration avec la directrice de production et le président, sera responsable de l’ensemble des tâches administratives RH. L’entreprise est située dans le Mile-End à Montréal, mais le poste sera majoritairement en télétravail, avec une présence ponctuelle au studio lorsque la situation sanitaire le permettra. L’horaire est flexible et de jour.
    • S’assurer que les dossiers employés soient complets et à jour;
    • Faire l’approbation/exports des feuilles de temps des employés hebdomadairement et faire le suivi des absences;
    • Coordonner le suivi du calendrier d’évaluation des employés;
    • Tenir à jour la base de données des conditions des employés;
    • Coordonner les dossiers et l’intégration des nouveaux employés: rédaction des contrats de travail, signature des ententes de confidentialité relatives à l'employé, complétion du dossier employé;
    • Participer au recrutement dans les écoles (programme de mentoring d’étudiants, évènements, conférences)
    • Gérer les demandes de formation;
    • Coordonner le suivi des démarches de visa pour les travailleurs étrangers, pour les nouveaux employés, ainsi que les demandes de renouvellement nécessaires d’employés à l’interne;
    • Rédiger les nouvelles descriptions de poste et adapter celles existantes au besoin;
    • Participer aux mises à jour de divers documents administratifs;
    • Toutes autres tâches connexes.
    • Diplôme d’études technique en RH ou administration ou tout autre domaine lié;
    • Expérience minimale dans un poste similaire;
    • Intérêt à approfondir ses connaissances des lois du travail du Québec;
    • Rigueur, organisation et sens de la minutie;
    • Excellent relationnel; personnalité positive et dynamique;
    • Autonomie dans un contexte de télétravail;
    • Aisance avec les suites Google et Microsoft et autres plateformes technologiques au besoin;
    • Maîtrise du français, tant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit; anglais oral et écrit avancé.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • Hard Surface Modeler closed
    RAYNAULT VFX is looking for a Hard Surface Modeler. The studio is located in the Mile-End in Montreal, but the position is full-remote during the pandemic. The position is permanent, full time (40 hrs per week).
    • Using modeling techniques, the Hard Surface Modeler participates in the creation of 3D assets and environments. In collaboration with the CG team, he/she is responsible for the creation of buildings, accessories, vehicles or set extensions and contributes to the photorealism and the integration of the 3D elements/sets in the live-action plates.
    • The Hard Surface Modeler has a great sense of observation and scale. Detail-oriented, he/she knows where to acquire good visual references to better guide his/her work.
    • The person who will join the studio must have the interest and knowledge to be able to complete the following tasks:
    • Create 3D assets and environments under the supervision of the Visual Effects Supervisor or the Artistic Director.
    • Contribute with his/her own designs, injecting own artistic details or extrapolating from an existing design to make the element or environment photorealistic.
    • Lay out the UVs of a model.
    • Assist in searching photo references and various inspirations.
    • Optimize models to create proxies (low res model, among others for digital matte painting projection).
    • Present models for review to supervisors and clients to validate the progress.
    • Learn new tools and approaches to stay up-to-date with technological developments, therefore contributing to improve the studio’s work processes.
    • Five or more years of experience.
    • Proven and demonstrable experience in high-end photo-realistic 3D.
    • High design ability.
    • A full working knowledge of modelling in any one or more of these packages: Maya, Softimage, Blender or Cinema 4D.
    • Ability to work with packages such as Mudbox or Zbrush.
    • Knowledge of photogrammetry techniques with software such as Agisoft PhotoScan.
    • Good knowledge of 2D and 2.5D projection techniques.
    • Understanding the use of bump and displacement maps in texturing work.
    • A strong spatial awareness and a good sense of form, scale and proportion.
    • A very keen eye for detail.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • CG Generalist (Mid Level) closed
    Exceptionally skilled and multi-dimensional, the CG generalist has a primary strength in one 3D competency, but thrives using multiple tools and techniques across platforms. Our ideal CG generalist is involved in VFX creation with a focus on CG environment work. With broad knowledge covering every step of the VFX pipeline he/she can effectively contribute to asset creation as well as shot work from layout to pre-comp.
    • Involved in asset creation with other members of the team (modeling, shading and textures).
    • Start shot work from “blank page” using camera match move to begin layout process and blocking.
    • On full CG shots, design camera moves as well as layout and technical animation blocking.
    • Generate hard surface animation such as vehicles, spaceships or props.
    • Assist with developing the look of a sequence with Supervisors and Art Director.
    • Proficient in multiple areas of the CG and VFX pipelines and workflows.
    • Complete high-quality work on time and to specification.
    • Creative and proactive in executing and assisting on all shots in a sequence.
    • Develop solutions and techniques that facilitate and accelerate the production.
    • Capacity to make creative decisions and use independent judgment.
    • Work closely with Supervisor to establish and develop tools and processes.
    • Work with Production to prioritize tasks.
    • Proven and demonstrable experience in high-end CG.
    • Ability to adapt and problem solve in a variety of CG Generalist roles.
    • Great understanding of camera projection techniques to assist digital matte painters.
    • Thorough understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
    • Proven and in-depth knowledge of Softimage and/or Maya, Photoshop & Nuke.
    • Knowledge of Clarisse (Isotropix) is a big plus.
    • Knowledge of additional software such as Houdini, Mari, ZBrush, SpeedTree, World machine, VUE Esprit, or PhotoScan will be considered an asset.
    • Quick learner and proactive in picking up proprietary tools.
    • Must be a team player and able to work creatively with Supervisors.
    • Self-motivated and optimistic problem solver; solid time management
    • Good communication skills with colleagues and production team.
    • 1-3 years related experience.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • FX TD closed
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • Matchmover closed
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • Texture Artist closed
    The Texture Artist participates in the creation of textures, colors, and organic surface qualities needed for the completion of hard-surface models. In collaboration with the CG team, he/she is responsible for the creation of high quality stylized textures for digital assets. The Texture Artist is detail-oriented, has a great eye for scale, color and form, and knows where to acquire good visual references to better guide his/her work. He/she has an excellent knowledge of the VFX pipeline and understands the importance of meeting deadlines while producing work of the highest quality .
    • Under the supervision of the Visual Effects Supervisor, create highly realistic images as part of the model and shading set up.
    • Work closely with environment artists, CG generalists and modelers to ensure that created assets work through the pipeline.
    • Understand and follow outlined naming conventions and file structure.
    • Assist in searching photo references and various inspirations.
    • Present turntables for progress review to supervisors and clients.
    • Stay on schedule and meet set deadlines.
    • Learn new tools and approaches to stay up-to-date with technological developments, therefore contributing to improve the studio’s work processes.
    • Three (3) or more years of experience as a texture artist in the production of feature movies or TV series.
    • A full working knowledge of the following packages: Maya, Mari, Photoshop, and Mudbox or ZBrush.
    • Strong creative skills and a thorough understanding of the techniques required to generate texture images to both interpret designs and accurately match reference material.
    • A strong understanding of image color space relating to texture painting.
    • A very keen eye for detail.
    • Good communication skills with colleagues and the production team.
    • Ability to accurately assess time needed to complete a project.
    • Basic understanding of shading principles and lighting required.
    • Modeling skills and an understanding of rigging techniques is a big plus.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply
  • VFX Production Assistant closed
    The VFX Production Assistant works closely with the Producer and Production Coordinator to manage all incoming media and outgoing deliveries. Duties include organizing files, updating databases and performing deliveries as well as other production and administrative duties.
    • Manage download and ingestion of shot turnovers, including all VFX elements and reference plates.
    • Ingest and publish outsource vendor submissions.
    • Handle all outgoing file transfers to clients and outsource vendors, including the preparation of renderings and documentation.
    • Perform basic quality control on incoming/outgoing files.
    • Ensure data is organized and trackable on the network.
    • Convert and process files as needed.
    • Assist supervisors in diverse duties such as image research.
    • Assist Producer in administrative duties, such as printing documents or compiling data entries.
    • Assist Production Coordinator with production management tasks, such as preparation of cineSync sessions material.
    • Good understanding of VFX processes and terminologies.
    • Knowledge of video codecs and file formats (QuickTime, EXR, DPX, JPG, ...).
    • Experience with FTP and web-based file transfer tools (Aspera, Media Shuttle, ...).
    • Familiar with shot tracking database systems (Shotgun, a plus).
    • Excellent communication skills, written and spoken, in English and French.
    • Excellent organizational skills, with digital files in particular.
    • Ability to work under pressure while always keeping a positive attitude.
    • Proactive, diligent and meticulous.
    • Basic knowledge of 2D/3D software (Maya, Photoshop, Nuke), an asset.
    • Experience working with editing systems (Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, ...), an asset.
    jointheteam@raynault.com apply