• CG Generalist Full time
    Exceptionally skilled and multi-dimensional, the CG generalist has a primary strength in one 3D competency, but thrives using multiple tools and techniques across platforms. Our ideal CG generalist is involved in VFX creation with a focus on CG environment work. With broad knowledge covering every step of the VFX pipeline he/she can effectively contribute to asset creation as well as shot work from layout to pre-comp.
    • Involved in asset creation with other members of the team (modeling, shading and textures).
    • Start shot work from “blank page” using camera match move to begin layout process and blocking.
    • On full CG shots, design camera moves as well as layout and technical animation blocking.
    • Generate hard surface animation such as vehicles, spaceships or props.
    • Assist with developing the look of a sequence with Supervisors and Art Director.
    • Proficient in multiple areas of the CG and VFX pipelines and workflows.
    • Complete high-quality work on time and to specification.
    • Creative and proactive in executing and assisting on all shots in a sequence.
    • Develop solutions and techniques that facilitate and accelerate the production.
    • Capacity to make creative decisions and use independent judgment.
    • Work closely with Supervisor to establish and develop tools and processes.
    • Work with Production to prioritize tasks.
    • Proven and demonstrable experience in high-end CG.
    • Ability to adapt and problem solve in a variety of CG Generalist roles.
    • Great understanding of camera projection techniques to assist digital matte painters.
    • Thorough understanding of most CG techniques and technologies.
    • Proven and in-depth knowledge of Softimage and/or Maya, Photoshop & Nuke.
    • Knowledge of Clarisse (Isotropix) is a big plus.
    • Knowledge of additional software such as Houdini, Mari, ZBrush, SpeedTree, World machine, VUE Esprit, or PhotoScan will be considered an asset.
    • Quick learner and proactive in picking up proprietary tools.
    • Must be a team player and able to work creatively with Supervisors.
    • Self-motivated and optimistic problem solver; solid time management
    • Good communication skills with colleagues and production team.
    • 5 or more years of complex related experience.
  • Digital Compositor Full time
    Compositors seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements. Compositors work closely with Visual Effects Supervisors and CG Supervisors to composite the numerous elements that complete a visual effects shot.
    • In collaboration with the Comp Supe and VFX Supe to evaluate the creative and technical approach to assigned shots.
    • Take briefs/instructions from Lead Compositors and VFX Supervisors to execute assigned shots.
    • Integrate 2D, 3D and live action elements to a high-end VFX film standard.
    • Work on shots/sequences assigned to a strict deadline.
    • Excellent working knowledge and production experience with Nuke.
    • Pro-active and collaborative work ethic.
    • Strong eye for detail, composition, color and lighting.
    • Ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve.
    • Please make sure to include a link to your online showreel on your CV.
  • Senior Digital Matte Painter Closed
    Using different techniques of 3D creation, photography and digital painting, the senior matte painter participates in the creation of CG elements and environments. In collaboration with the TD team, the SENIOR DIGITAL MATTE PAINTER is responsible for the creation of landscapes, skies, cities or set extensions and contributes to the photorealism and the integration of the CG elements/sets with the live action plates.

    The SENIOR DIGITAL MATTE PAINTER has a great sense of observation and attention to the details. He/she has an understanding of the light that enables him to attain a high level of photorealism. He/she has an excellent knowledge of the VFX pipeline and understands the importance of working within deadlines while seeking the highest quality.

    SENIOR DIGITAL MATTE PAINTER may also be responsible for exploring concepts from scratch and developing/proposing different avenues to the client before starting work on a shot.
    • Participation in and possible supervision of the creation of 3D asset (modeling and textures).
    • Creation of digital matte paintings and set extensions according to the style imposed by the artistic direction.
    • Creation of matte paintings in separate layers for projection.
    • Collaboration with the TD MPs for the development of the projection scene and the animation of the camera.
    • Assist in searching and acquiring photo references and various inspirations.
    • Organization of work for a close collaboration with the compositing department.
    • Presentation of his/her work in dailies to validate the progress and the direction with the Supervisor and the client.
    • Consciousness and respect of the schedule and project calendars.
    • Continuous training or self-study in order to know the new tools and techniques available and likely to help his/her work and to evolve the studio.
    • Minimum of (5) years of experience as a matte painter in the production of movies or TV series.
    • Excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
    • Excellent knowledge of 2D and 2.5D projection techniques.
    • Good grasp of photography, composition and light.
    • Good grasp of architecture and mastery of the scale.
    • Very good knowledge of at least a 3D software such as Maya, Softimage or Cinema 4D.
    • Minimal capacity to do modeling and 3D texture.
    • Excellent understanding of the VFX pipeline and the place that matte painting occupies.
    • Good knowledge of Nuke.
    • Efficiency, speed and good time management.
    • Ability to accurately assess working hours.
    • Good communication skills. Good team spirit.

    • Will be considered an asset
    • Knowledge of Clarisse (Isotropix).
    • Knowledge of additional software; Mari, ZBrush, SpeedTree, World machine, VUE Esprit, PhotoScan ...